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About Candace Brabant

Candace Brabant is a Southern California-based Visual Developer specializing in character and prop design for the entertainment industry. She has received her Master’s of Fine Art in Illustration and her B.F.A in Illustration with a concentration in Animation. Her goal is to find creativity in the world around her by expanding on the mundane with the unexpected. This often leads to characters that are tied to reality but are often other worldly in some way. 

She is classically trained with traditional media, which provides her the ability to expertly craft her contemporary work digitally. It is this connection with physical media that brings life into her digital pieces. She has worked for non-profits and DreamWorks Animation, and she is currently a freelance illustrator accepting work from the Los Angeles area. When she is not pouring her soul into her work during the many hours in front of the Wacom screen or drafting table, she is pouring herself a green tea latte and enjoying it with her hubby and two pups.