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About Chris Ayers

Born and raised in Minnesota, I moved to California shortly after college in an attempt to realize my childhood dream of working in the movies. As a character designer and concept artist, I have been fortunate to participate on projects such as Penguins of Madagascar, Men in Black II, The Santa Clause 2, and the Alien vs. Predator films while working for companies such as DreamWorks Animation, Disney Television Animation, SONY Animation, REEL FX, Rhythm & Hues, Amalgamated Dynamics and Rick Baker’s Cinovation Studios.


Pursuing this dream was harshly interrupted, however, when I was diagnosed with acute leukemia on April Fool’s Day in 2005. After a yearlong period of treatment and recovery, I started a sketchbook called The Daily Zoo on the anniversary of my diagnosis. My goal was to combine two of my lifelong passions, animals and drawing, and create a sketch each day as a form of therapeutic healing. I have since had the opportunity to publish five books in The Daily Zoo series, with more on the way.


Currently I split my time between freelance and personal projects and reside in Los Angeles with my wife and son. And I still draw an animal a day.