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IRON GIANT: It was a great honor to do the background layouts for the new Signature Edition of The Iron Giant, coming out September 30. Artwork will posted on this site after the premiere.

INSIDE OUT; One of the hardest jobs I've ever had was coming up with ideas for the inner workings of the mind. What does a memory capsule look like? How are they created, cataloged, stored, and then retrieved? What happens to old, decaying memories that become lost forever? This was the assignment. It was truly great fun exploring an entire realm of ideas to create a fantasy world inside the brain.

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PigDog Productions

One hundred thirty years ago, a young artist, Maximillian Zikevicius, became fascinated with the imaginative writings of Edgar Allen Poe, Jules Verne and later, H.G. Wells. Forming the company, Pigdog Productions, he devoted his life to publishing the magazine, Tomorrow Visions, and to his paintings of fantastic sceneries which were displayed in galleries in New York, Paris, and Barcelona.

Maximillian’s son, Samuel, followed in his father’s footsteps as an artist and writer. In the twent[...]
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