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Entrepreneur since 2012, Co-Founder & Marketing Director of Frame Freak Studio, a 2D animation studio with over 100 clients in over 20 countries around the world, host of The Creative Hustlers Show Podcast, an interview show with over 60 interviews with the best in the industries of animation, video games and illustration. 


Frame Freak Studio, Inc


The Creative Hustlers Show


Frame Freak Studio, Inc

Frame Freak Studio Inc, is a 2D Animation Studio with more than 100 clients in over 20 countries around the world. Our projects include Fefnir, Tempus Trip and Piñata Slayer and working on a new IP called Dream Squad.

Frame Freak Studio started in El Salvador by a team of dedicated entrepreneurs, graphic designers and animators working towards becoming one of the first recognized cartoon animation companies in Central America.